Dear Friends,

Next to Salvation experience, the best thing that happened in my life is the gradual discovery of a few essential biblical truths which impacted the course of my life. Let me share with you a couple of them.

UntitledAt some point of time in my life, I began to sincerely seek answers for some questions, like – Why did God choose me as his own? What does it mean to glorify God through my life? What is God’s ultimate purpose for my life?

Over a period of time, I realised that my salvation story was not all about secure earthly life and future heavenly bliss. I discovered from the Scripture that the very purpose for which God redeemed me in Christ was to conform me to the likeness of his son Jesus Christ (Rom.8:29). There cannot be a greater goal than this for a child of God – to be like Jesus! Now, how does one become like Jesus? By following His example and teachings. Jesus inaugurated the kingdom of God and clearly set forth the principles and values by which his disciples are to live in the world. Kingdom Life is radical and counter cultural. It is distinct and demanding. It touches each and every aspect of our life, both sacred and secular. I firmly believe that God is greatly honoured and glorified when his children are able to lead such a Kingdom oriented life.

Likewise, I discovered that if I belong to Jesus Christ, I do not have the right to spend my life the way I desire (II Cor.5:15), rather, my life’s purpose comes from God who chose me in Christ before the foundation of the world (Eph.1:4). For a child of God, there cannot be greater joy than discovering God’s unique plan and purpose for his or her life! How could one understand God’s specific purposes? How do I discover what God wants me to do with my life? Answers to these questions depend on our understanding of God’s eternal plan and purpose for the world. The Bible tells us that God is reconciling the World unto Himself through Jesus Christ (2 Cor.5:19) and soon He will reign supreme over all that He created (Phil.2:10). Here and now, God carries out his redemptive work in the world through his people. Individuals and communities who respond to his call become his co-workers in the redemption drama staged on world history. I call this the Kingdom Mission. Participating in the Kingdom Mission is not a part-time agenda of our life on this earth. Kingdom Mission should be the one and only agenda of our lives. Everything we do in life must therefore be aligned to this truth! Our lives must be dominated by just one thing – his greatest glory. I firmly believe that God will be greatly glorified when all the peoples of the earth acknowledge and worship him as Lord (Ps.86:9, Rev.15:3-4). We must work towards this future reality!

I believe that only a life which is totally committed to the radical teachings of Jesus Christ is capable of carrying out God’s desire for the lost world (Lk.9:23-28). This BLOG exists to awaken and challenge God’s people to these life changing biblical truths.

Thank you for taking your time to visit here. God bless.

Yours in His Kingdom Mission,

Sam K John

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