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Yet not my will…

by host4kfn

In our meditations, often we tend to ignore Jesus’ humanness. And if at all we ponder over it, we limit our thoughts to his physical sufferings at the hands of Roman soldiers on the cross. Jesus was 100% human as he was 100% divine. What are the implications of this statement? Jesus had a human […]

Suffering for nothing?

by host4kfn

The book of Job helps us to understand the theology of suffering. Here are some insights: 1. The Book of Job teaches that God allows suffering for a reason. Even Job’s suffering had a definite reason behind it though Job himself never got to know it. God never gave him the answer either. But nevertheless God […]

Bruce Olson: Bruchko

by host4kfn

This is an amazing account of Bruce E. Olson, an American missionary, who pioneered among the Motilones of Columbia, one of the most primitive Indian tribes of South America during the second half of the twentieth century. This is an autobiographical sketch and the author’s intention is to let the world know about the missionary […]