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The Reformation Story

by host4kfn

Martin Luther’s courageous act of nailing ninety-five theses on the church door at Wittenburg in 1517 marked the beginning of an unprecedented Reformation movement within the Christendom. Right from the beginning the movement was diverse in nature. For instance, the reformation that occurred in Germany was different in many ways to the Swiss Reformation. The […]

Anabaptists: A Historical Study

by host4kfn

Anabaptists is a descriptive term given to some radical groups that emerged within the context of the 16th century Reformation.1 One of the religious aspects that was common to many of these groups was the denial of infant baptism and promotion of adult baptism. Hence, the term Anabaptists (rebaptisers) became popular and through repeated historical use it […]

Reasons for the Delayed Reformation…

by host4kfn

The Western church of the late middle ages (1200-1500) to a great extent was characterized by worldliness and vice. Hence, the medieval period is often portrayed in the history of the Christendom as an era of darkness. In the 16th century, starting with Martin Luther in Germany, there occurred a series of renewal efforts in […]

John Calvin: Theologian Par Excellence

by host4kfn

In Christian history, a study of the reformation period is always fascinating and intriguing. One of the towering personalities of the Reformation is John Calvin. If Martin Luther was the one who initiated the movement, it was Calvin who consolidated and organised Reformation. Not very many are loved and hated, admired and abhorred, praised and […]

Reformation in England: A Historical Study

by host4kfn

The 16th century religious landscape of Europe was marked by reformation movements. England was no exception. Although reform undercurrents in England could be identified right from the days of John Wycliff (1329-84), a great majority of historians believe that the English Reformation began with Henry VIII, the second of the Tudor monarchs. The English Reformation had […]