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Talking Your Way Through Marriage

by host4kfn

Nisha and John were married for a year when I met them. They are well educated, with management degrees from a reputed institution. Before marriage they were in college together. They shared a lot of things, spoke about many things and had good fun together. After graduation, they landed jobs in different IT companies. They […]

Once Married Always Married!?

by host4kfn

We live in a time when Christian values and practices are not only challenged but made obsolete. Divorce is becoming one of the major challenges to the existence of family concept all over the world. People from all walks of life, including Christian ministers, become involved in divorce episodes. The recent divorce laws have made […]

What is Marriage?

by host4kfn

It is important to know what the Bible talks about marriage. Contrary to the contemporary belief, marriage is not a human institution devised by human beings. Rather, it was established by God himself at the beginning of human history. Three Steps Marriage involves three crucial steps as explained in Gen.2:24, Matt.19:1-12 and Mk.10:1-12. The first […]

Divorce in OT Era

by host4kfn

The biblical record shows that, unlike marriage, divorce was not instituted by God. There is no indication in the Bible suggesting that God introduced and institutionalised divorce as part of His order for human society. Divorce, is therefore, a human innovation. It is the result of human sinfulness. It represents human rejection of God’s original […]

Jesus on Divorce

by host4kfn

Divorce on fairly trivial grounds were common in the time of Jesus. The Mosaic legislation was mostly misrepresented as a sanction for divorce rather as regulation. Divorce was seen as morally right and lawful. All that mattered was the certificate of divorce (Matt.5:31). Moreover, in the society, instead of death, divorce became the socially accepted […]

Apostle Paul on Divorce

by host4kfn

Paul’s teachings on divorce are most significant since they represent the earliest Christian interpretation and application of Christ’s teaching to specific situations. The two main passages where Paul speaks on marriage and divorce are Romans 7:2-3 and 1 Corinthians 7:10-16. The Teaching in Romans In Romans, in order to explain that believers are no more […]