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Hambye and Perumalil: Christianity in India

by host4kfn

This is a well written historical work edited by H. C. Perumalil and E. R. Hambye. The various chapters in the book are written by eminent Christian historians. This book was published on the occasion of nineteenth hundredth celebration of the death of St. Thomas., the apostle to India.The book is divided into twelve chapters each […]

Arthur Jeyakumar: History of Christianity in India

by host4kfn

Arthur D. Jeyakumar in this small book has selected seven key issues from the Indian Church history and discussed each of them in seven separate chapters. The first chapter analyses the traditions related to the origins of Christianity in India.In brief, the author has  summed up major traditions pertaining to St. Thomas and St. Bartholomew, […]

The First Christians of India

by host4kfn

The Syrian Christians of Kerala are believed to be the most ancient Christians of India. A historical study of their origin is intriguing and sensational. The following survey shows the key events which shaped the first Christian community of India and highlights it its unique identity. The Origin of the Syrian Christians The Syrian Christians […]