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Suffering for nothing?

by host4kfn

The book of Job helps us to understand the theology of suffering. Here are some insights: 1. The Book of Job teaches that God allows suffering for a reason. Even Job’s suffering had a definite reason behind it though Job himself never got to know it. God never gave him the answer either. But nevertheless God […]

If only Jonah could forgive…

by host4kfn

The fourth chapter of the book of Jonah begins with a paradox. The revival in Nineveh should have brought immense joy for the prophet. However, Jonah is seen as an angry and resentful man who argues with God. The very strong expression, “O Lord, take my life, for it is better for me to die […]

Is it possible to see God face to face?

by host4kfn

The Scripture states that some men of the Old Testament era saw God face to face. The special list includes people like Jacob (Gen. 32:30), Moses (Ex. 33:11), Isaiah (Isa. 6:1) and Ezekiel (Ezek. 1:28). Likewise, the elders of Israel also saw God on the mountain (Ex.24:9-11). Even during our times, many claim to have […]

God’s Masterpiece

by host4kfn

Pause for a moment and imagine God as an artist standing in front of an empty white canvas. The colors are ready and so is the paint brush. He is about to portray a beautiful picture, one that he conceived long long ago in his mind. With the brush the first strokes are made on the canvas…the […]