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An Irony on Easter Morning!

by host4kfn

A careful reader of the Bible cannot miss the Easter Morning Irony. Take a look at the two disciples walking down the road to Emmaus from Jerusalem (Luke 24:13-35). They were downcast, dejected and confused. Why downcast? They had been with Jesus for a while and had accepted Him as their Master…now he is no […]

How Much Faith is Needed for a Miracle?

by host4kfn

The Bible tells us that many people received healing because of their faith (Mk. 5:34, 10:52, Lk. 17:19, 18:42). But we also read about incidents where the sick person did not exhibit any faith and still got healed. In Mk. 2, four men lowered a paralyzed man through the roof of a house where Jesus was teaching. When Jesus saw their faith, […]

Faith-Life Connection

by host4kfn

Faith and trust are most essential for the very existence of human race. For example, we trust our milkman. If we have a little doubt about his milk, we would not be able to have morning coffee with milk in it! We trust rail way time tables. We trust taxi drivers. We trust people around us to make our […]

Abraham: At the Altar

by host4kfn

Abraham has a unique place in the world religious history. Three major religions (Jews, Muslims, Christians) of the world admire and adore him. His influence on the believers of all ages is tremendous. Abraham was not a perfect man, he had his own shortcomings and failures. And yet his life shines as an example for us today. In this […]

Add-Ons to Prayer Life!

by host4kfn

Try these ‘add ons’ to your Prayer Life! Faith in prayer It is looking beyond our possibilities. Christian walk is best understood as “a walk by faith and not by sight.” The Bible again and again portrays people who fashioned their lives by faith. Hebrews 11 is just a small list of millions who lived by […]