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What do you live for?

by host4kfn

I’m sure all of you have faced this question at least once in your life time, perhaps during childhood or teenage, someone asking you, “What’s your ambition in life?” It doesn’t matter what you answered then, it is a question worth pondering over any day of your life. What do you live for? The sad […]

Abraham: At the Altar

by host4kfn

Abraham has a unique place in the world religious history. Three major religions (Jews, Muslims, Christians) of the world admire and adore him. His influence on the believers of all ages is tremendous. Abraham was not a perfect man, he had his own shortcomings and failures. And yet his life shines as an example for us today. In this […]

Apostle of Africa: David Livingstone

by host4kfn

Perhaps the best known missionary of the last 500 years–undoubtedly is a man who has been known as the “apostle of Africa,” David Livingstone. What was the secret of his strength and perseverance amidst unbearable trials? Let’s look at his life. He had just returned to Great Britain for the first time after sixteen years […]