God’s World

We believe that God has a definite plan and purpose for the world which is revealed in the Scripture. The Bible begins with the bold assertion that, “In the beginning God created the heavens and earth (Gen.1:1)”and subsequently goes on to declare His abundant love for the world, humanity in particular. We were created for his pleasure (Rev.4: 11); for his glory (Isa.43:1-7); for his purpose (2 Tim.1:9) and to praise him (Isa. 43: 21). Life on earth, as intended by God, was meant to be meaningful, purposeful and joyful.

Sin’s Reign

Alas, sin entered the world through human disobedience (Rom.5:12). Our first parents chose to believe and act on the words of Satan (the fallen angel) rather than God their creator. All life equations changed as a result of this fall. Man against Man, Man against nature, Man and against God became the norm. There is absolutely no one (or thing) on this earth that has escaped the impact of sin and its miserable consequences (Rom.3:11-18, 8:22). Most notably, humanity as a whole got estranged from God and stood eternally condemned by his justice.  Satan was partly successful in usurping God’s authority over the world and damaging the almighty’s glory (Eph.2:2, Jn.12:31). But who can thwart God’s eternal plans? (Job 42:1-2, Pro.21:30). Satan will not and cannot! God will not allow anyone to rob his authority and glory. He will not allow his creation to endlessly suffer in sin and face eternal consequences. His heart’s beat is to redeem his creation and reconcile human beings with him (II Cor.5:19).

Redemption Story

The Scripture reveals that God detailed a grand scheme to redeem the world and stamp out Satan. This is the storyline of the Bible. The whole Bible, in fact, is the progressive revelation of God’s redemptive plan. The calling of Abraham, the shaping of a nation, Israel’s deliverance from Egypt and inheritance of the Promised Land, their exilic experiences and their survival amidst super powers…one can easily see the story line within the OT historical matrix. Nevertheless, the zenith of God’s redemptive scheme is the cross of Calvary on which Jesus Christ gave himself as atonement for the sins of the world (I Pet.2:24-25). This event also marks the beginning of the end of Satan’s dominion. A new era was ushered in – Kingdom era (Mk.1:15). The history of the Church is the history of the advancement of God’s kingdom in the world. God is not just concerned about redeeming souls but all aspects of his creation. Hence, God’s redemptive plan includes the redemption of cultures, political systems, eco-systems, communities, so on and so forth, from their fallen status.

Redeemer’s Co-Workers

God’s carries out his work in the world though his people. Individuals and communities who respond to his call become his co-workers in the redemption drama staged on world history. The story of the Bible and the story of two thousand years of Christianity reveal this great truth. We are co-laborers with Jesus in the redemption of the world. God desires (even commands) his children to labor alongside him (II Cor.5:19-20). Participating in the redemption plan is not an option for God’s children. That’s the reason for one’s existence (II Cor.5:14-15). Mission is not a part-time agenda of our life on this earth. Mission is the only agenda of our lives. Everything we do in life must therefore be done with this awareness. Our lives must be dominated by just one thing – his greatest glory. When is God glorified greatly? God will be greatly glorified when the peoples of the earth acknowledge and worship him as Lord (Ps.86:9, Rev.15:3-4). God’s people are his agents who work toward this reality. They must be willing to realign their lives – to change places, careers, jobs, schedules, ambitions, lifestyles, cross boundaries, so on and so forth, if necessary, all for the sake of taking the gospel to the ends of the earth. We believe that only a life which is totally committed to the radical teachings of Jesus Christ is capable of carrying out God’s desire for the lost world (Lk.9:23-28).

Grand Finale

We eagerly look forward to the completion of God’s grand scheme. The last book of the Bible gives us a glimpse of what is set to happen at the second coming of Jesus Christ. History will come to an end and eternity will begin. A new heaven and earth will come to pass (Rev.21:1). Sin tainted cultures and systems will be renewed. Creation’s beauty will be restored. Satan will be bound and doomed. What more? God will take his rightful place amidst his people. He will be worshipped as the King forever by the great multitude that no one could count. His worshippers will comprise people from every tribe, every nation and every language. They will worship God shouting, “Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb.” (Rev.7:9-12). This will be the moment of God’s greatest glory. A fitting finale for God’s grand agenda!

Key Questions

Every Christian who desires to glorify God must then work towards this reality here and now. This is the only worthwhile pursuit under the sun. “How can I accelerate the completion of God’s redemptive plan?” “What must I do to see God glorified among all peoples of the earth?” “How best can I participate in God’s grand agenda?” These questions must be considered by every follower of Jesus Christ.

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