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Seeking the Truth about Transgenderism

by host4kfn

Hello, I would like to know the biblical insight on transgenderism [Definition: appearing as, wishing to be considered as, or having undergone surgery to become a member of the opposite sex] and other sexual defects of the human body. There are lots of issues like hermaproditism and intersexualism [a set of medical conditions where the sex chromosomes, external […]

Sex – Change!

by host4kfn

After late dinner, I tuned on the TV to National Geographic channel at 11 pm this Friday. The program was titled Taboo…curious enough I stayed put to watch it till the end. The first case study was about a married couple who were in their early forties – the man…a well built guy…sporting a French […]

Sex Life: A Personal Choice?

by host4kfn

When 87 yr old Tiwari, a former senior politician, was put to shame for fathering a son out of wedlock and then denying it, his unwitting remark was, “This is my personal matter. The country should not waste its time on this.” A reputed music chan­nel in its website has a guidebook titled ‘It’s Your […]

Is There a Way Out of Porn?

by host4kfn

It is seldom that one escapes the snare of porn during the growing up years of life. A decade or two ago, porn had to be sought out in book stalls in the form of sleazy story books or erotic picture collections. Today, with the web invading our lives, porn has found an easy way […]

Homosexuality: A Biblical Analysis

by host4kfn

The modern world has made progress in leaps and bounds in all areas of life. In this age of information explosion and hi-tech living, numerous ethical issues have cropped up. People have started disregarding the Creator and are living selfish, independent lives. The Bible and ethics are regarded as unrealistic and out of practice. The […]