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Christian Salvation: Is it Unique?

by host4kfn

Every religion has a set of beliefs about God, man, purpose in life, life after death and final destiny. The most important and interesting of all these is the study of life after death and ultimate destiny of human beings. A term that addresses these issues and related themes is salvation. Like the many other […]

Is Christianity Unique?

by host4kfn

INTRODUCTION We are living in a pluralistic world dominated by relativism. Pluralism has infiltrated every arena of life and heavily impacted the society. Religious pluralism is a dangerous teaching that has been rapidly picking up attention all over the world. The modern secular worldview shuns any form of absolutism in religion. The challenges posed by […]

Apologetics: Clearing Some Misconceptions

by host4kfn

Apologetics sounds like Greek to me! Some consider the word apologetics as a high sounding elusive term, too difficult for the common man to understand. It is true that a study of apologetics proper involves complex theories and philosophical concepts. Anybody who has taken a seminar on apologetics will readily agree with me. However, the […]